Duck Foot 8-pack

Duck Foot® allows you to attach anything on a hollow plasterboard wall. Use for TVs, Mirrors, Shelves, Lamps, Speakers, Heaters, Radiators, Kitchen and bathroom cabinets, wall hooks etc.

Each fixing holds up to 50 KG in shear load and is super easy to install.

Works for all hollow plasterboard walls, from 12-26 mm and makes a small hole in the wall

Each Duck Foot® is supplied with an M5x70 mm screw.

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Anyone can use it

Just drill the hole, push it in and attach the item. It's super easy to install. It really is!

  • Drill.

    Connect Duck Foot® directly to your bit holder and drill a hole until the plastic leg touches the plasterboard.

  • Push.

    Bend down the plastic leg and Push the Duck Foot® anchor into the drilled hole until the plastic cap is flush against the plasterboard.

  • Attach.

    Place the item to attach over the plastic cap. Insert the screw through the item and then through Duck Foot® and tighten the screw until a firm grip is obtained against the plasterboard.

  • Done.

    Your installation is done! 

A super strong fixing

You don't need a stronger fixing. A single Duck Foot® anchor holds up to 50 kg in weight and is the ultimate fixing when hanging stuff like this on your plasterboard...

  • TVs

  • Mirrors

  • Shelves

  • Cabinets

  • Radiators

  • Water Heaters

  • Lamps

  • Speakers

Duck Foot is the finalist of the Alfred Nobel “Skapa Award” and named the innovation of the future.