Made for all plasterboard walls

Duck Foot® Self Drill Plasterboard Fixing Anchor


If you're going to attach heavy items on a plasterboard and won't find a stud behind the wall you can't use only a screw, nail or a ordinary wall plug because plasterboard is a very porous material. What you need is a heavy duty plasterboard fixing like Duck Foot®. Unlike a ordinary wall plug that expands in the drilled hole, the Duck Foot® plasterboard fixing expands behind the plasterboard and distribute the weight on the back of the wall. 

Plasterboards come in different thicknesses, the most common plasterboard thickness used in residential buildings is 12.5mm and in some walls you'll find double plasterboards (25mm). Unlike traditional fixings like the Molly anchor, Duck Foot® is a universal fixing that works for all plasterboard thicknesses, from 12-26mm. This means that you don't need to know the thickness of your wall.