Our story

There is only one reason why Duck Foot® exists: We want to make it easy for anyone to attach anything on a plasterboard.


Duck Foot® was founded in 2012 by two newly graduated high school friends.

At the time, the two friends worked as tv-fitters when they noticed the difficulties of hanging brackets on plasterboard. The traditional anchoring products weren't universal (different anchors for different plasterboards-dimensions) and needed special tools to install (time consuming). A huge problem for both pros and DIYers.

The two friends decided to develop a universal product that worked for all plasterboard thicknesses and didn't require any special tools during installation. They invented Duck Foot®. In 2012 Duck Foot® was designated "the innovation of the future" and today it's sold in hundreds of stores around Europe. 

 Lucas Lind and Magnus Liljenfeldt Duck Foot® Self Drill Plasterboard Fixing Anchor
Lucas and Magnus outside the shed in the Stockholm archipelago where Duck foot®
was invented.